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Hello. My name is Alex and I am a digital content creator. I got into photography in High School while I was involved in student government. Since then, I have been tirelessly practicing what I do and turning my hobby into a career.

I currently work full-time at the University of Pittsburgh in the Office of University Communications and Marketing as the Social Media Content Strategist creating digital content for our marketing purposes and managing the @PittOfficial social media accounts. On the side I am a photographer for Pitt Athletics, shooting a large majority of the teams and I'm also on the Live Content Correspondent team with the NFL. I am based here locally with the Pittsburgh Steelers, capturing photos and videos of all of their home games. (Forbes Magazine says the best way to make money as a young adult is to work two jobs....that's why I have three.)

Photography has become my world and I can't thank it enough for the doors that it has opened for me. If you want to work together, send me a message. Or, as the kids say, slide into my DMs.

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Photography is where I got my start, but video is where I feel I keep growing. It has become a way for me to capture the moving moments in my life and share them with the world. This video is a recap of my month of April '23. I have been trying to shoot more of my life on video and with my iPhone rather than my cameras. Trying every day to just be in the moment, rather than feel like I always need to cover it.

Fog rolling over pine trees in the mountains of Colorado